Life in Yellowstone County

Q: Where is Yellowstone County located?
A: Yellowstone County is situated in the south east portion of Montana, close to the Crow Indian Reservation, bordering the Bull Mountain Range. It is named for the Yellowstone River that runs through the county. The largest city in the state, Billings lies in the Yellowstone Valley and along the shear rock cliffs called Rimrock. The area experiences hot summer seasons and freezing winter seasons.

Q: What is special about Yellowstone County?
A: The Battle of the Little Bighorn was fought in 1876, close to the river of Little Bighorn River. The famous battle was a suprise win for the Native Americans, and resulted in General Custer's death. The Crow Fair, referred to as a family reunion under the Big Sky, was established in the early 1900's. It is known for being the largest gathering for Native Americans in the country.

Q: What neighborhoods are in Yellowstone County?
A: Yellowstone County and Billings have been called one of the best areas for families in the country. Known as Magic City, Billings was named in honor of the Northern Pacific Railroads' president, Frederick Billings. Laurel has a popular historic shopping district. Other places in Yellowstone County, Montana include Huntley, Shepard and Ballantine.

Q: What is there to do in Yellowstone County?
A: The National Monument, Pompeys Pillar, was part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and contains the signature and date of William Clark on a sandstone pillar. The Billings Depot is a historic passenger train depot in downtown Billings.

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